Fantasy Football Awards Show 2021 with the MFSN Crew

On our Annual Fantasy Football Sports Award Show, The MFSN Crew hands out individual awards for the 2021 Fantasy Football Season. Dan Ratner, Ross the Boss, Kasey Shienvold, and Lauren Auerbach have some fun discussing their own fantasy football exploits and provide some comic relief to help our viewers who are struggling with the end of the fantasy football season. Here are the awards and who received them

First Award: MAP (Most Accurate Picker) and the award goes to… Andrew AKA Jim The Gent Seifter which was not able to be here. So we had the best in the business accept his award. None other than yours truly Ross The Boss

Second Award: Most Self-Deprecating Fantasy Owner: and the award goes to… Kasey AKA Vlad to the Bone Shienvold

Third Award: Top All-Around Game: and the award goes to… Ross AKA Ross The Boss

Fourth Award: The Ninja: and the award goes to.., Lauren AKA Mazzone’s Yacht Rocker Auerbach

Fifth Award: The Most Improved Player: and the award goes to… Dan AKA Foghorn Shoehorn Ratner

Feel free to place your own comments about the awards and tell us whose acceptance speech was best! Stay tuned to next years Annual Fantasy Football Sports Award Show.

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