How To Prepare For A Fantasy Baseball Draft

As we prepare for fantasy baseball season, MFSN wants to get you ready for your league draft. Dan, Kasey, and Ross discuss the basics behind how to get prepared for your draft. We cover the key concepts of player rankings, draft tiers, being up on the latest news, value picks, sleepers, and busts.

We explain what goes into the ranking of all of the players and how you can use this knowledge to understand how to value each. There are, typically, five categories in hitting and five in pitching and you need to know them all to understand how to win. Ranking in a tiered system means that you will understand when there is a big drop-off between one player and all of the rest of the ones at that position. Don’t miss out on getting the player who is the last best one!

Finally, we show how the rankings of the site you are on aren’t always how we think they should be. This is how you find value picks, sleepers, and busts. Value picks are known to be better than their rankings, sleeper picks are considered wrongly ranked but not in as obvious of a way, and busts are overrated.

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