John Salley Breaks Down why 80s NBA was the Best!

In this episode of Run it Back, Comedian/ Actor Suli McCullough (Mouse The Jamie Foxx Show/ Crazy Legs Don’t Be A Menace…) and co-host Dan Ratner welcome 4 time NBA champion John Salley to the show. John’s comic timing and his both insightful and important stories of his championship teams gave us so much to talk about, we didn’t even get to the state of today’s NBA. But we aren’t sorry at all, because where else can you get to hear an NBA champ compare his time as actual teammates with both Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan, while also outlining what it was like to be a former Bad Boy Detroit Piston walking into Michael’s Chicago Bulls’ locker room?

One of the best things about John ‘Spider’ Salley is his openness about the reality of everything and this leads to NBA interview gold. We hear about his conversation with Isaiah Thomas right after the turnover that lost the game in the Boston Garden and the rookie wisdom he brought that may have turned the whole series around, but certainly left an impact on Zeke. Speaking of Zeke, John let us in on a little secret that seemed to suggest that that nickname never made any sense! Who knows from whence it came? John also shares a lot about his teammates in a loving, but truthful way — Bill Laimbeer’s open efforts to get in people’s heads, Joe Dumars being so quiet that John joked he would whisper ‘I do’ at his own wedding, Kobe imitating Michael so deeply that he even blinked like him. More insights flow about Chuck Daly, Michael Jordan, and more, with stories with comedians and a group at the Kentucky Derby not to be believed.

While the stories and humor abound, we were also privileged to get deeply into the importance of the mental side of the game. John captures what it is like to handle the mind boggling speed of the game and how reflexive and instinctual you have to be to win. The man knows how to win at life and his post basketball career is filled with success and interest, including his vegan lifestyle and restaurant. The fact is, with a comic genius, champion with three different teams, and having played in the best era of the NBA, in some of the most famous games, with some of the best teams of all time, we didn’t have time for any other show. Shout out to John Salley for making this show one for the ages. And this is why…If you want to know all things NBA on the court and lifestyle related…Run It Back is the show for you!

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