Professional Baseball Pitcher Conner Greene Talks About His Arrival in the Major Leagues

Tony, Dan, and Ross the Boss interview hard throwing relief pitcher Conner Greene of the Baltimore Orioles. Conner gives credit to Tony for helping him get drafted, partly because Tony recognized his level of talent and this allowed Conner to believe in himself more fully. In fact, one of the best parts of this interview is how much Conner grasps — at such an early age, no less — the importance of the mental part of the game. We talked about his getting past a very typical wildness streak and the young pitcher shares some of his secrets for getting past such problems. He says that you have to learn to be ‘like a brick wall’ in terms of not letting any of these moments derail you and your belief in yourself.

On many of these shows, we learn about pranks played by various players, but Conner’s razor sharp focus has kept him out of trouble and focused on his craft. He talked about getting drafted by the Blue Jays and being excited to still be in the AL East. He shares his excitement about playing the Yankees, who were up next at the time of the interview and Ross even asks him how he would deal with a 3-2 pitch to Aaron Judge!

Conner talks about some of his new teammates and how welcoming they have been, including Trey Mancini in his remarkable return from having cancer. Overall, this interview provides some insight into the dedication and focus it takes to get to the big leagues and it is clear that Conner’s future in Baltimore and beyond is bright.

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